How do I change the default "OutboundClick" event name to another engagement event name?

Learn how to use AutoScan to adjust the event names triggered by the AnyTrack Tag.

On your property AutoScan settings, you will see a list of scanned pages and all the tracked elements found for each page. By default, AnyTrack fires an OutboundClick event every time a user clicks on a product or offer link.

It's possible to adjust these settings by defining specific action names for each link:


See here how you can find which one of the elements is the element you're looking for.

How to disable tracking for specific elements:

In some cases, you may want to disable tracking for specific elements. You can find the elements on the auto scan results and delete the default event name given to that link. 


Disabling tracking for an element will also disable the Click ID tracking for that element. 

If you simply don't want to see the conversion event in your analytics, update the name to an event name not set as a conversion goal.