Refund policy

Learn about our refund policy

This article explains the AnyTrack refund policy that you can find on the terms of use found here.

The AnyTrack platform is provided "as is", and you are free to use it according to the terms set in the platform terms of use.

  1. Once you install the AnyTrack tag or connect with our API, the software starts to process your marketing data.
  2. You may use AnyTrack according to your business routine and workflows, and whether you log-in or not to the platform, the software will process your data.
  3. You may connect it or not to ad platforms APIs, the AnyTrack platform will perform its tasks according to what you configure it to do.
  4. AnyTrack is not a "pay as you go" platform which only consumes data when you're on the dashboard. It runs 24/7, and ingests, process, and delivers data whether you're watching the dashboard or flying to your honeymoon.

Accordingly, you agree that no refunds or credits will be provided for partial or unused months of the services, whether you logged in or not to your anytrack account, or if your marketing campaigns failed or succeeded.

Special cases:

If you started a free trial but did not use the Anytrack software and you were charged at the end of the free trial, you may request a refund, and we may or may not accept your request.