How to integrate AnyTrack with GoHighLevel

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate your GoHighLevel funnels with AnyTack.

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate yourGoHighLevel funnels with AnyTack so you can leverage the data your leads provide you at every stage of the funnel.

This integration is done via webhooks in order to avoid any types of duplicates and enable you to add a layer of validation from your GoHighLevel account.

Why webhook tracking is better than JS tracking?

  1. It's more accurate: Because the webhook fires from the GoHighLevel backend server, it can't be blocked by ad blockers or misfire from the browser. 
  2. You will be able to use the data you want to send to your ad integrations - such as email, phone, and other matching parameters Facebook, Google, and other ad networks recommend.

To get started with the integration, you will need:

  1. A GoHighLevel account
  2. An AnyTrack account with a Personal Plan or higher
  3. The AnyTrack tag on your website

💡 If you didn't add the AnyTrack tag on your site, check out this article which outlines the different options.

The setup flow:

The setup includes two main steps:

  1. Injecting the anytrack click_id into your form's hidden parameters
  2. Creating a custom integration in AnyTrack
  3. Receiving the lead data via webhook (provided in the custom integration)

1. In GoHighLevel:

  • Choose the relevant form under sites ->
  • Forms
  • Click edit
  • Add a custom field

Click on Add Custom Field

2. Choose text as the type of field

Click on document

3. Type in click_id in the placeholder field:

Type "click_id"

4. Save

Click on Save

5. Drag the clickid field into your form

Click on click_id…

6. Click on the clickid field and mark it as a hidden field and fill the Hidden Value as --CLICK-ID--

🔥 This is extremely important as, without this hidden value, anytrack will not be able to inject the click_id parameter, which is used as a key to attributing the conversion.


💾 Save your form, and let's move to the next step

Click on Enter values of click_id

7.  Now let's connect your webhook by going to the Automation section

Click on Automation

8. Click on Triggers

Click on Triggers

9. Click on Add Trigger

Click on ►…

10. Configure the Trigger

  1. Set a name for your automation
  2. What should trigger the rule: Select the Form submitted event
  3. What action should be performed: "Execute Web Hook"
  4. Paste the Webhook in the indicated field
  5. Activate the automation

💡 A guide on how to get the webhook URL from custom integration is waiting for you below.


That's it! From now on, every form submission will trigger a conversion in AnyTrack 🎉

How to generate a webhook URL in AnyTrack:

  1. Navigate to the integration catalog
  2. Select the custom integration
  3. Fill in the name and your GoHighLevel login URL (URL is not needed)
  4. The next page shows different fields to fill (you can add some dummy information), and click next
  5. Now copy the URL until the question mark.

The default URL:

Now remove everything after the base URL (including the question mark):

Need support?

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