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GoHighLevel <> AnyTrack Integration

Get the most out of GoHighLevel with AnyTrack's conversion tracking and attribution platform. Streamline your data and maximize ROAS.


❗For the integration to function properly

  • It is essential that the AnyTrack Tag is in the head section of all the pages on your funnels. If you're not familiar with the initial setup, please follow this article on how to Install the AnyTrack Tag.
  • ⛔ DO NOT modify/change the webhook payload!

HighLevel is a cloud-based marketing platform that enables agencies to streamline their marketing and sales efforts by providing a single interface to manage their entire flows and data.

By enabling the AnyTrack HighLevel integration, you will be able to leverage your marketing and sales data across all analytics and Ad Platforms APIs and optimize your marketing with first party data and granular customer behavior data.

Setup Guide

Go to the GoHighLevel integration page and click Install Integration.


  1. Copy the Webhook URL
  2. Open your HighLevel Workflow settings
  3. Create each workflow according to the events listed below
  4. Create a workflow from scratch
  5. Select the Trigger Event (according to the list below)
  6. Add an action - Webhook → Paste the Webhook URL
  7. Open the Settings and enable contact to enter the workflow multiple times.
  8. Publish and Save
  9. Return to AnyTrack and test your funnel.


Conversion Tracking

Since Tracking starts when visitors clicks on offer links, you will want to verify that your links are tracked and AutoTagged.

 AutoTag Method

🔥Reminder about AutoTag
Autotag is a function that is enabled by default through the AnyTrack tracking tag, and that appends subid & click_id data to affiliate links. Learn more here about AutoTag.

  • Default: When you publish your offer links "as is" on your website.
  • AutoScan: AnyTrack scans links that are behind redirects plugins and AutoTags them according to their tracking requirements.

Manual Method

    • Tracking Group Attribute: You add the tracking group attribute to links according to their tracking requirements. For example: data-tracking-group="gohighlevel" or rel="gohighlevel". More about Tracking Group here.
    • Click ID Token: You append the subid like this: &=--CLICK-ID-- to the offer link.

Once the links are set up, you can check in your affiliate account reports and see whether the parameters are passed to the offer links.

Here is an example of how you would manually update links from {groupId}:

<a href="https://yoursite.com" data-tracking-group="gohighlevel">GHL Demo Link</a>


To validate your setup, there aren't many options but to wait for a conversion to come in and inspect the conversion log to find out whether conversions are properly tracked.