ThriveCart Integration

Learn how to integrate ThriveCart with AnyTrack, so you can easily start tracking your conversions across your marketing stack.

Learn how to integrate ThriveCart with AnyTrack, so you can easily start tracking your conversions across your marketing stack.

About ThriveCart

ThriveCart allows you to upsell, downsell, and make bump offers at the time of purchase. ThriveCart supports trial offers, multiple payments, and subscriptions, as well. It gives you pretty much every possible option for testing your product and increasing the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers.

ThriveCart & AnyTrack integration overview

When you enable the ThriveCart integration, your traffic and conversion data will be tracked according to the following flow:

  1. Clicks on ThriveCart order page links will trigger OutboundClicks events
  2. ThriveCart links will be AutoTagged with the AnyTrack ClickId
  3. On Purchase Events, ThriveCart will trigger the AnyTrack Webhooks
  4. Conversions will be reported in your AnyTrack dashboard
  5. AnyTrack will send conversions to your ad platforms' Conversion APIs.

The ThriveCart & AnyTrack integration includes the following features:

  • AutoTag: Any ThriveCart link is automatically tagged with subid parameters required for server-side conversion tracking.
  • AutoTrack: Any click on ThriveCart links will automatically trigger an Outbound Event Tracking to the AnyTrack analytics and will be forwarded to your connected analytics and pixels.
  • Real-time conversion tracking:
    • Client-Side tracking: Outbound clicks trigger Event Tracking in analytics and pixels.
    • Server-Side tracking: Conversions are processed according to the conversion funnel logic.
  • Data collection: If your offer links have standard attributes such as linkId or title, they will be collected and sent to your analytics.
  • eCommerce transactions: If you enable the Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce feature, conversions will be sent to Google Analytics as eCommerce transactions.

Note: When using the built-in ThriveCart integration you DO NOT need to add Cross-Domain Tracking in your Property Settings.

ThriveCart integration step-by-step guide

Step #1: Tagging your ThriveCart URLs

To track your ThriveCart conversions, the first requirement is to enable AnyTrack to AutoTag your ThriveCart Order Forms URLs.

Note: It's only when AutoTag has been enabled that conversions will be tracked (see step #2)

Enable AutoTag by updating your link attributes according to one of the following methods:

Add the data-tracking-group="ThriveCart" link attribute:

<p><a href="" data-tracking-group="thrivecart" title="Anytrack ThriveCart Integration">ThriveCart Demo Link</a></p>

Add ThriveCart value to the rel attribute

<p><a href="" rel="nofollow thrivecart">ThriveCart Demo Link</a></p>

✅ When you hover and/or click on this link 


ThriveCart Integration AutoTag

Add the ThriveCart Custom Query parameter to the order page URL[atclid]=--CLICK-ID--

In each case, you will see the value of the query parameter being updated with the AnyTrack click_id being appended.

Step #2: Add the AnyTrack Webhook URL in ThriveCart

  1. In AnyTrack, Navigate to the ThriveCart Integration settings
  2. Add ThriveCart (set the name and login URL)
  3. Copy the webhook URL (also called Postback)
  4. In your ThriveCart account, head to your Settings > API & Webhooks > Webhooks area.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for your webhook (e.g., "AnyTrack")
  6. Paste the AnyTrack Postback URL in the Webhook URL field
  7. Click on the Save this webhook

Head to the ThriveCart integration settings here


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