AnyTrack vs Shopify - Facebook Conversion API Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with the Facebook Conversion API and leverage cross-network marketing opportunities.

Why not use the direct Shopify & Facebook Conversion API Integration?

  • The direct integration disregards other traffic sources and marketing channels. Multi-channel marketing requires conversion tracking across many tools.
  • You need a source of truth if you run ads on multiple ad networks or run the risk of either double counting conversions or wrongly attributing conversions.
  • Shopify has a different attribution model than Facebook.
  • Many Shopify owners turn to AnyTrack to track and attribute their Shopify conversions to Facebook Ads because the direct integration is just not working.

Why should you use AnyTrack & Facebook Conversion API?

  • Anytrack serves as the "source of truth" for your conversion data. It simultaneously syncs, orchestrates, and attributes conversions from Shopify to all your analytics.
  • Since Shopify is not an attribution platform, it does not have the business logic and rules that can provide marketers with the insights required to run proper data-driven marketing campaigns.

Setting up your Shopify & Facebook Conversion API in AnyTrack:

  • In Shopify:
    • Disable the Facebook Integration
    • Remove the Facebook Pixel from your theme
    • Remove any Facebook Event Snippets from your theme
  • In AnyTrack:
    • Enable the Facebook Conversion API
    • Connect your Ad Account
    • Update the conversion event mapping (leave default settings if you're not tracking custom conversions)
    • Set up Conversion goals if you are using custom conversions (so you can use them in your Facebook account).
  • In Facebook:
    • Update your ads with the tracking URL template (How to add UTM tracking to FB Ads)
    • Verify that you have all automatic matching parameters on
    • Make sure your domain is verified

Popular questions

Can you run both the Shopify Conversion API and AnyTrack Facebook Conversion API?

Yes, you can. However, if you use the same Facebook Pixel ID, you will inevitably trigger duplicate conversions, which Facebook won't be able to deduplicate.

Why can't FB deduplicate conversions coming to the same pixel from the direct shopify integration and AnyTracks integration?

👉 Because AnyTrack and Shopify use a different event id to deduplicate the conversion, and consequently, Facebook will receive the same conversion twice, with two different deduplication event id.

Still want to use both Facebook Conversion API integrations?

👉 Simply create a separate Facebook Pixel, and connect it with AnyTrack.

Why do I have a low Click ID (fbc) match rate?

👉 AnyTrack sends ALL conversion data to the Facebook Conversion API (including organic, google etc…). When it’s from Facebook traffic it will be sent with the fbc parameter - if not, then only the fbp parameter is sent.

👉 It's likely that most of your traffic doesn’t come from Facebook - hence there’s no fbclid parameter to capture.



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