I can't find the integration for my conversion source - what should I do?

Connecting your conversion source with AnyTrack is essential in order to track conversions.

Connecting your conversion source with AnyTrack is essential in order to track conversions.
In case that you don't find your conversions source integration in our catalog, you can use the custom conversion source feature which allows you to track conversion data from platforms that are not integrated and appear in the catalog.

In that case, you can choose one of the next options:


Server-side: connect your conversion source via webhooks and ClickID

Client-side:  trigger the website events through a custom Event JS tag

💡 A conversion source is where the conversion takes place - a partner website, affiliate network, e-commerce platform, CRM, etc. 


In order to connect your conversion source to AnyTrack via the server-side there are two things to do:

  •  Creating a webhook that will fire the event to AnyTrack. In this case, your conversion platform should support webhooks connection. You can connect your webhooks directly to AnyTrack or via zapier.  In order to do it click here.

💡 You can learn more about webhooks here

  • Generate a ClickID for your offer links - our tracking method is based on creating ClickID for tracking the events on your website. By inserting AnyTrack tag into your website, AnyTrack will generate a clickId automatically.


📹 Check out the next tutorial about how to trigger standard events 

In order to track via client-side you will need to have in the event page two things in code in the next order:

1.  AnyTrack tag ( After adding it to your head section it should be on all / most of your pages, depending on your platform)

2. Event tag - a specific code that triggers the event.

This is an example of “OutboundClick” code:

Full example:

You can change the OutboundClick, and trigger any of the events listed below:

  • PageView
  • OutboundClick
  • FormSubmit
  • AddToCart
  • Lead
  • InitiateCheckout
  • CompleteRegistration
  • Purchase

Check out our event generator 

⚠ Event names are case sensitive, and not following this rule will inevitably trigger errors.

 Writing outboundclick will not work - it should be exactly in the same way of the list: OutboundClick.

More example:
Formsubmit ❌

FormSubmit ✅

🔸 Want to trigger custom events? Learn how to do it here

What shall I do if I am not a programmer?

If you're not a programmer, the AutoScan function enables you to "click & define" your tracking settings, without writing a line of code.

How to use the AutoScan function:

1. Navigate to the property settings
2. Open the autoscan tab
3. Search the page where the element you'd like to track is on
4. Decide which element or page you would like to mark as an event.

5. Pick the relevant event from the options.


After doing that, AnyTrack will start to generate the new events and you will be able to send them back to Facebook or Google via API in the tracking pixels section.

Looking for more advanced settings?

Looking for more advanced settings?
With AnyTrack, you have the ability to track a variety of events and cover the most granular customer journey and behavior.
The customer journey can include client-side, and server-side events.



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