How to verify your account tracking setup

You have just finished setting up your AnyTrack account but you're not sure whether everything is properly set up, and if the data is flowing according to the plan.

In this article, we cover the main issues you might go through all the important checks that you need to do after setting your property.

In order to review your settings we have three main things on check list:

  1. AnyTrack Tag

  2. Integration with 3rd party

  3. pixel settings ( for passing the data forward to the ads platforms)

AnyTrack tag

After installing our tag you will receive this message:

trackign code successfully installed

In property settingsauto scan you will be able to see which pages have our tag and which ones don't. 🚨 Remember - a page without our tag can't be tracked

  • If you have a page that has no AnyTrack tag, you will have to add it individually.
  • For e-commerce users, the pages that usually don't get our Tag automatically are terms of service, privacy policy and etc. if there are not part of the user journey, it's not mandatory to track them.
  • Users that have a landing page that leads to another page with a different domain should use the cross-domain setup in order to track the session.

Integration with 3rd party

This section can be changed from user to user. depends on the integration.

Go to the relevant integration and click on it.


The integration will be marked as active once AnyTrack succeeds to receive conversions from this network, and you also will receive this message:

trackign code successfully installed

Trigger a test conversion

  • If you have an e-commerces store you can trigger Add To Cart or checkout events
  • If you have a lead generation you can create a lead. 
  • you can also wait for the first client to create a conversion.

There are some integrations that will not appear in the integration section after the installation like Woocommerce. In this case, you can go to Conversion Events and check there if you receive events.

You will be able to filter it by event:

filter events

and review your conversion on the chart:

woo commerce purchases

Pixel settings

How can I check If my conversion API is set up correctly?

If the Data Connection section is connected and the Facebook Conversion API is on, it means that the data from AnyTrack will be pushed back to the pixel for optimisation.

server side event

  • 🚨 The data moves forward to Google/ Facebook immediately but it takes time to be displayed on their platform. Facebook - within an hour but sometimes it can take up to 24-48 hours.  Google - between 1-24 hours depends on the conversion source.
  • We recommend you to add UTM parameters to your ads in order to attribute the ads in AnyTrack platform and see results in real time. You can read the article that explains how to insert UTM parameters or watch the video.

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