What is the dropdown list under "Found Element" IDs?

When editing an element on the AutoScan, you will see a list with options under the tracked element name.

When editing an element on the AutoScan, you will see a list with options under the tracked element name. This list includes all the Selector IDs found for the given element, and it enables you to change the selector if you prefer to match other elements as well: 


So, Why should I change the Element Selector?

Element selectors have a property scope, as opposed to a page scope. Changing the conversion event for an element on Page A will apply to all pages where the same selector is found.

If you wish to be more specific about where you want to change the conversion events, you can change the element selector to something that will match your element better.

What is the difference between each Element Selector?

There are several types of element selectors. Here is a list of possible selectors with some examples:

1. Link Selector

Link selectors are full links or partial links that are found on your website. This selector will find an element that has this link (or part of this link) within it.



2. Element ID Selector

Element ID selector finds every HTML element that matches the element type and ID attribute of the selector.

For example, the selector button#add-to-cart will match the following element:

Add to Cart

Note: By default, AnyTrack will fire an OutboundClick event for all elements with the button#add-to-cart selector. If you want to fire an AddToCart event, you will have to update the event name accordingly. Consequently, all elements found with such selectors and across your website will fire the AddToCart event.

3. Element Label Selector

Element label selector matches all the HTML elements that have the given element type and label of the selector.

For example, the selector a:"Buy Now" will match all the following elements:

Buy Now
iPhone 12 Pro
link content


Note: It's possible to have a link selector followed by an element label selector. In this case, the element selector will match all the element label selectors only on the given page URL.

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