Tiktok UTM Tracking Parameters

Tracking TikTok campaigns begins with setting the correct UTM Tracking template for your ads.

Last updated: April 16, 2023

While TikTok is only in private beta, you can still track your ads performances and conversions within the AnyTrack dashboard.

Apply to the Tiktok Integration private beta


In order to start tracking your TikTok campaigns you will need to set up the proper UTM parameters on your Tiktok Ads.

Tiktok UTM Parameters

The TikTok UTM Tracking parameters includes both static and dynamic parameters which are automatically mapped to standard parameters captured by the AnyTrack Tracking Tag.

Tracking Template

AnyTrack provides a tracking template. Simply copy and paste.

On your AnyTrack account: Tracking Pixels -> TikTok -> Ads Integration (tab)

Add Tracking Template

Paste the Tracking Template that you copied from you AnyTrack account to the Destination Page URL of you TikTok ads

👉 Remember to add a question mark "?" before pasting the tracking template

For example: URL = www.anytrack.io

URL + Tracking Template = www.anytrack.io?utm_source=tiktok&utm_medium=cpc....


Bulk Update

Current limitation of TikTok require you to EXPORT your ads -> paste the template -> IMPORT your ads back into TikTok.