Stripe integration

How to track Stripe payments with Anytrack

To track Stripe payment links you need to:

1. Add the ?client_reference_id=--CLICK-ID-- at the end of your payment link

2. Capture the payment confirmation via webhook - Use zapier or make

3. The event you need to select is : checkout.session.completed

THIS is a payment link example. You can hover on the link to see the clickid parameter appended to the link LINK


The payment amount is in cents, so you will have to divide the amount by 100.

The Webhook Payload:

Parameters that should be mapped to standard anytrack events are in bold.

"request": {
"idempotency_key": null,
"id": null
"data": {
"object": {
"payment_method_collection": "always",
"metadata": {},
"after_expiration": null,
"livemode": false,
"amount_total": 10000,
"shipping_details": null,
"subscription": null,
"locale": "auto",
"payment_link": "plink_1LfPxXJhmZq84NMqsg8r1a5R",
"mode": "payment",
"customer_details": {
"name": "AUR A",
"address": {
"country": "IL",
"state": null,
"postal_code": null,
"city": null,
"line2": null,
"line1": null
"tax_ids": [],
"phone": null,
"tax_exempt": "none",
"consent_collection": {
"promotions": "none",
"terms_of_service": "required"
"expires_at": 1668957902,
"allow_promotion_codes": false,
"customer_creation": "always",
"phone_number_collection": {
"enabled": false
"client_reference_id": "p8qkMansHXKGTX9GmPTbMJ6GmSjTf4mUys",
"currency": "usd",
"id": "xxxxxx",
"payment_method_options": {},
"billing_address_collection": "auto",
"success_url": "",
"setup_intent": null,
"shipping_address_collection": null,
"shipping_cost": null,
"created": 1668871502,
"payment_method_types": [
"total_details": {
"amount_discount": 0,
"amount_shipping": 0,
"amount_tax": 0
"payment_status": "paid",
"shipping_options": [],
"consent": {
"promotions": null,
"terms_of_service": "accepted"
"url": null,
"recovered_from": null,
"submit_type": "auto",
"automatic_tax": {
"enabled": false,
"status": null
"tax_id_collection": {
"enabled": true
"custom_text": {
"submit": null,
"shipping_address": null
"customer_email": null,
"payment_intent": "pi_3M5sv2JhmZq84NMq1cI99Gsb",
"cancel_url": "",
"amount_subtotal": 10000,
"object": "checkout.session",
"customer": "cus_MpY1j9EDOH5v5a",
"status": "complete"
"livemode": false,
"created": 1668871528,
"id": "evt_1M5sv6JhmZq84NMqbCfCcgRL",
"api_version": "2022-11-15",
"type": "checkout.session.completed",
"pending_webhooks": 8,
"object": "event"