Reddit UTM Tracking Template

Discover the UTM Tracking Template you should use when advertising on Reddit

What is a UTM Tracking Template

A UTM Tracking template is the portion of the URL that is set after your website's URL, and that is applied for every ad you run on an ad network.

About Reddit

Reddit advertising makes it easier for brands to reach their desired communities or subreddits through targeted and promoted posts that engage users in a way familiar to them.

The Reddit Tracking Template


When creating an ad, you can append the template to your ad


We will soon be adding a method to trigger their conversion pixel from our server-side integration. Stay tuned!

Where will you see your campaign performances?

Thanks to the UTM tracking template, you will be able to see your campaign reports in both AnyTrack, Google Analytics, and naturally in Reddit.

In AnyTrack

The AnyTrack campaign reports will include all traffic and campaign data from your Reddit Ads.

The reports are broken down by campaigns, adset/adgroup, ads and keywords.

In Google Analytics

All UTM parameters will be used to track and attribute campaign data and conversions.