Pinterest UTM Tracking template

Pinterest Ads is not yet integrated with AnyTrack. However, you can still leverage the Pinterest Ads platform and track conversions in AnyTrack, and other connected integrations.

While Pinterest Ads is not yet integrated with AnyTrack, you can still track any conversion originating from your Pinterest campaigns, and build custom audiences from users coming from Pinterest Ads.

How to track your Pinterest Ads in AnyTrack

To track Pinterest Ads in AnyTrack, you should use the following tracking template, which includes standard UTM parameters and Pinterest dynamic parameters.


At run time, all tracking parameters will be substituted with the real values from your ads.

Where will you see your campaign performances?

Thanks to the UTM tracking template, you will be able to see your campaign reports in both AnyTrack, Google Analytics, and naturally in Pinterest.

In AnyTrack

The AnyTrack campaign reports will include all traffic and campaign data from your Pinterest Ads.

The reports are broken down by campaigns, adset/adgroup, ads and keywords.

In Google Analytics

All UTM parameters will be used to track and attribute campaign data and conversions.

How to leverage your Pinterest Ads conversions in other Ad Networks

When conversions are tracked in AnyTrack, they are automatically sent to your analytics and pixels to create custom audiences.

For example, if you run ads on Pinterest, you can use conversions generated by your Pinterest Ads to create custom audiences in Google Analytics, as well as in Facebook.