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Learn how UTM parameters can improve your campaigns performances

Everyone knows what UTM parameters are, and most marketing platforms use them one way or another.

Everyone knows what UTM parameters are, and most marketing platforms use them one way or another. Because of their widespread usage across marketing platforms, ad networks, and apps, we decided to incorporate UTM parameters at the core of the AnyTrack platform.

How AnyTrack uses UTM parameters

  • We include these parameters in the tracking and attribution logic
  • We use them to improve the campaign reporting
  • We send them to Google Analytics
  • We expose UTM parameters in webhooks so you can ingest your data with as much granularity as possible.
  • And more...


Overall, UTM parameters are used across the platform to improve, enrich, and clarify your data collection.

UTM usage in campaign reporting

The primary usage of UTM parameters is seen in the campaign reporting section.

When you open the Campaigns section, you will notice that some of your campaigns are listed with or without the ad network logo.

The logo indicates that the ad campaign data is being synced with your AnyTrack account.

facebook logo , grey world

What are the benefits of using UTM parameters?
  With UTM parameter AnyTrack Reports Facebook Ads Manager
Attribution Window AnyTrack isn't affected by any attribution window. Therefore, we'll show your conversions attributed to your ads beyond the 7 days window. Unlimited Max 7 Days
Data Freshness  You will be able to see the attribution in real-time.  Real-Time ~3 Days
iOS 14 Tracking You will be able to see all the iOS user conversions attributed to the specific ad.


Aggregated Event Measurement

Improving attribution  Using UTM gives another layer of attribution accuracy as some ad networks use their click ID for both organic and ad campaign clicks. Facebook is one of them - the fbclid is passed whether it's an organic click from a post or when it's a click from an ad. Yes  
Creating a custom audience based on UTM parameters

UTM parameters can also be used to create custom audiences in google analytics or Facebook pixel in order to run cross-network retargeting campaigns.



In the campaign reports, some metrics will only be tied to your ads if the UTM parameters are sent to your ads.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 11.44.33

👉 You can read more about the URL tracking template here.

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