JotForm Integration

Learn how to track your JotForm form submissions with AnyTrack.

About Jotform

Jotform is a full-featured online form builder that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data. Trusted by over 15M users worldwide Jotform is a gateway to gathering better information to power your business.

Jotform & AnyTrack integration overview

Whether Jotform is the first step your visitors take before making a purchase, or you're just gathering opt-ins to fuel your email marketing campaigns, the first and most important touch point is to track the opt-ins.

At the end of this guide you will be able to:

  1. Track form submissions
  2. Pass the anytrack Click id to the form submissions
  3. Use the Click ID across other tools by using Zapier or other app connectors.

Getting started

In AnyTrack:

  1. Open your property setting and navigate to the Settings page
  2. Scroll down to the Cross domain tracking settings
  3. Add the domain and save

In Jotform

Note: This step is crucial, so do not miss any bit of it.

  1. Edit your form
  2. Add a new field
    1. Type: Short Text
    2. Question text: atrefid
    3. Advanced tab:
      1. Default value: --CLICK-ID--
      2. Hide field: Turn on the option to hide the field
  3. Save
  4. Open the form settings and update the following settings
    1. Clear hidden field value: Don't Clear
    2. Send post data: Don't send
      Note: Open the form settings and verify that the settings "Clear Hidden Field Value" on form submission is disabled 

    Good to know: The --CLICK-ID-- placeholder will be automatically substituted by the AnyTrack TAG and passed to the form. If your funnel includes additional steps that happen offline, or across other tools, the Click ID is required to attribute the conversions to your ad campaigns.

    Embedding the form on your site

    Jotform provides several embedding options, and we're going to cover the most popular options.

    Note: While the default embed optionis the Javascript tag we do not cover this option as it does not support passing dynamic values into the form fields.

    JotForm iframe example

    Note: You can try the form to see the values being passed to the thank you page.


    Direct Link tagging

    In order to simplify the setup, you can add the domain to your cross domain settings and anytrack will automatically append the atrefid parameter

    Publish your jotform link as provided in the Jotform UI

    Note: AnyTrack AutoTag function will automatically substitute the --CLICK-ID-- with the tracking id, and the clickid will be automatically captured by Jotform.

    This is a link example Try it here

    Redirect settings

    Thank you page


    Server-side tracking (aka - Webhooks)

    Tracking the form submission is one thing, but passing the form data to the AnyTrack API is more important since the data will be automatically formatted, processed, and sent to your Facebook Conversion API and other integrations.

    We highly recommend integrating your Jotform with Zapier or Integromat (now called Make) in order to pass conversion data back to AnyTrack.

    Learn how to integrate AnyTrack with Webhooks through zapier or integromat.