How to setup the Facebook Conversion API

Discover the easiest, fastest and most accurate way to set up your Facebook Conversion API.

Integrating with the Facebook Conversion API doesn't need to be complicated.

AnyTrack is a Facebook Business Partners for the Conversion and Measurement categories.

As such, AnyTrack provides a built-in app which automatically connects with your business manager, ad accounts, and pixels.

The Facebook Pixel includes both the traditional JavaScript tag that you place on your website, and the Facebook Conversions API.

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Please note: Reauthorization of your account is needed when you change your account's password, when the token expires, or when another error occurs.

AnyTrack <> FB Pixel connection:

FB Ads Connection

AnyTrack fetches campaign data/metrics based on the Facebook pixel you’ve connected your property with. 

  • The pixel connected in AnyTrack should be the one that your ads are optimizing for.
  • The direct Shopify/Facebook integration should not be connected to avoid duplicate conversions sent to Facebook. If you want to use it connect to a different FB pixel than the one connected to AnyTrack.

FB Browser/server events

  • AnyTrack captures data via both the AnyhTrack JS Tag and Server side (webhook).
  • All events are sent to Facebook via Server Side API. Therefore, the Event Manager should only display Server Side events.
    • PageView should be the only events sent via browser.
  • If you see any event other than PageView being sent via browser it is not coming from AnyTrack and you should investigate the source to disable it.