How to fix the error "Tracking TAG not found"?

Once a page scan is completed, you will see the scan result and a status indicator.

Learn about the possible reasons the AutoScan will return the "Tracking Tag Not Found" error and how to fix these errors.

When you see an error "Tracking TAG not found", it means that we couldn't find the tracking script on the given page URL:


To fix this error, you will need to verify that you installed the Tracking TAG on this page. You can see your tracking TAG and settings instructions under Property Setup >> Tracking Script.

Once you fix the problem, click on "Rescan" the page to verify that the problem has been fixed.

The AnyTrack Bot is blocked

Allow the bot/crawler's name by whitelisting the following user agent AnyTrack-Crawler/1.0

Ignore the Scan Result

For some pages, you may prefer to disable AnyTrack tracking. If that's the case, you can safely click on "Ignore" and hide these results.

If you ever want to scan this page, simply search for the page URL and click on "Rescan".


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