How to create a custom integration

Learn how to integrate any conversion source, CRM, affiliate network or platform with AnyTrack custom integration end point

AnyTrack already supports a large variety of integrations that you can find in the Integration Catalog. And while we integrate new platforms on a regular basis, you might need to create a custom integration.

For this purpose, we enable you to create a custom integration from the catalog.



  1. Your platform should be able to fire a Webhook (GET or POST)

  2. You must pass the AnyTrack clickId to your cart, product link, or form (for CRMs).

  3. You should use the recommended standard tracking parameters.

The AnyTrack ClickID parameter is automatically generated by AnyTrack and appended to forms and urls. Learn more

Watch the setup here

1. Go to the Integration Catalog

Click on Integrations

2. Add a new Integration


3. Search And select the Custom Integration

Click on Custom

4. Now Install the Integration and follow the steps


11. Fill the fields with the required placeholders

This information should be provided by the platform you wish to integrate with. If you're not familiar with postback URLs or webhooks, please refer to this article.

Fill the fields with the required placeholders

12. Click on SAVE

Click on SAVE

13. Copy your Webhook URL and paste it into your integration

You should find out where to add Webhooks within your conversion source (CRM, eCommerce, etc...)

You can modify the webhook by adding more parameters.

Copy your Webhook URL and paste it in your integration


Add more parameters to your Webhook

Adding additional parameters is highly recommended, as it will improve your attribution and feed your ad pixels with more data to optimize your ads.

Matching Parameters

The following parameters are also supported for better audience matching and attribution. Those values are hashed, standardized and processed to be forwarded to Facebook Conversion API or Google Enhanced Conversions

Parameter name Type Example Notes
email string  
firstName string John  
lastName string Smith  
fullName string John Smith Using this field will automatically fill first and last name fields
phone string +1 (650) 555 4444 Including country code and area code
birthdate string May 26, 1991 or 1991-05-26  
city string Menlo Park  
state string CA Two-letter state or province code
zipcode number 94025 Zip or Postal Code
country string US or United States  


* Note:

There is NO need to use any hashing on the data. AnyTrack automatically formats and hashes the data for you when sending it to the pixels.


In some instances, the apps you will want to integrate can only pass arbitrary query parameters to the AnyTrack Webhook URL. 

For example, Hubspot, Mailchimp or Salesforce have their own structure, which cannot be modified. In this case, we recommend using Zapier or Make (previously called Integromat) to "catch" the webhook from your integration and post the AnyTrack Webhook following our Query Parameters.