How to track an affiliate offer in AnyTrack?

Learn how to track affiliate offers in AnyTrack and send insightful conversion data to your analytics and ad pixels.

Tracking affiliate offers with AnyTrack is done automatically for you as soon as you add the AnyTrack Tracking tag on your website.

How AnyTrack works

When the AnyTrack tag is on your website where you have published your affiliate offer links, AnyTrack will automatically identify and track user interactions with these links.

Link tracking automation

AutoTrack: AnyTrack automatically track clicks to affiliate links

AutoTag: AnyTrack automatically tags the links with the required subid parameters.

The redirectless method does not rely on Cookies to redirect users to the destination URLs.

Traditional tracking software redirects:

🚫 ⚠️ Any failure in this flow will prevent your visitors from reaching the offer URL.

  1. Visitor hits your Landing page and gets a cookie
  2. Click on CTA URL 👉
  3. Redirects to Voluum server  👉 to receive the offer url
  4. Redirects to offer url 👉


You can simply publish your affiliate offer on your website, and AnyTrack will automatically track the outbound click to that offer and AutoTag the offer link with the correct subid parameter.

Then, when the conversion will be sent by your advertiser/affiliate network, the conversion data will include the offer and offer id and other rich conversion data.

You can learn more about these features:

What is the AutoScan?

How does this feature compare to "old school" tracking software?

The Old School trackers' way

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Add the tracker's "click url" on the landing page Call To Action Button
  3. Add an offer + Offer link
  4. Link your Landing Page Call to Action with the offer
  5. Create a campaign

⛔ Conversion is tracked based on the offer that was promoted (not the offer that converted)

The AnyTrack Way

  1. Add the Anytrack tag in the head section of your webia website to your AnyTrack account (all landing pages will be tracked)
  2. Add your offer links on your website (1 or 10000 offer links)
  3. Send traffic to any page/landing pages


✅ Conversion tracking automation:

  1. AutoScan: Offer links are automatically identified and tagged with subid parameters
  2. AutoTrack: Outbound clicks are automatically tracked, and the event data is sent to your analytics and pixels.
  3. Rich conversion data: Conversions are automatically tracked with granular data such as
    1. Offer name
    2. Offer id
    3. Conversion type
    4. Currency
    5. Transaction id


  • Automate your workflows
  • More conversion tracking insights
  • Conversions are used for ad optimization
  • Conversions are used for audience building across all your pixels/ad networks
  • eCommerce affiliates can promote 1 or 10000 offers without having to add/manage offers.
  • Promote your entire website rather than just "landing pages"

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