How to create a Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) property alongside a Google Analytics GA4 property.

This guide will walk you through the "hidden" steps to create a Google Analytics Universal property.

Last updated: April 16, 2023

Google is pushing for GA4 adoption and will sunset Universal Analytics in July 2023.

Yet, companies and website owners still haven't fully migrated to the GA4 version and we're still testing the GA4 integration.

Note: This guide applies only when you create a new property. If you've already created a GA4 property but didn't get the option to create a Universal Analytics property alongside your GA4 property, you will have to create a new property and follow this guide.

How to create Universal Analytics property?

  1. Go to Admin and click on Create Property .


  2. Enter the property name

    1. Select your reporting time-zone and currency 

    2. Then click Show advanced options


  3. Toggle  the Create a Universal Analytics property to open additional settings.


  4. Enter your website URL

  5. Select whether you want to create both GA4 and UA properties (best) or if you want to create just a UA property.

  6. Finally Click Next and you're done!

Note:  If you're not familiar with Google Analytics we highly recommend to check out this guide where you'll learn about its powerful datasets and features.