ClickFunnels Popular Questions

Learn about the Clickfunnels integration challenges, troubleshooting, and other questions.

Clickfunnels is a very popular platform among marketers, but it presents some challenges that can leave a lot of room for confusion when it comes to tracking.

Before we go through the popular questions, here is a list of features available under the AnyTrack - ClickFunnels integration.

Client Side Tracking

This type of tracking involves the browser (client) sending data to the AnyTrack server. The method is used for collecting and sending data from your website to AnyTrack.

The AnyTrack Tag automatically tracks sessions and stitches user behavioral events with campaign data.

By default, the AnyTrack Tag tracks OutboundClicks and FormSubmit events.

AutoTrack & AutoTag Form Submissions

AutoTrack: This means that any form submission will automatically trigger a FormSubmit event

AutoTag: This means that the AnyTrack Click ID will automatically be sent in the submission, which will enable further Server Side Tracking.

Tag Management

AnyTrack Tag automatically loads and triggers the ad pixels event snippets connected to your AnyTrack Property.

What it means:

If a FormSubmit event is AutoTracked, it will automatically load the corresponding Facebook Event Snippet (and other event snippets from other connected integrations).

Here is another way to see it:

If before AnyTrack you had to place the Facebook Event Snippet on your funnel to trigger events such as Lead or Form Submissions, now AnyTrack will fire these events automatically and load the corresponding Facebook Event Snippet in the background.

What it means for your current setup:

  • You should remove all event snippets from your funnel, so you don't duplicate conversions.
  • You can add the AnyTrack ViewContent Tracking Snippet in case you want to track something specific that is not part of the AutoTrack feature.
var click_id = AnyTrack('trigger', 'ViewContent', {
label: 'Funnel Step Name',
linkid: '123213',
bramd_name: 'Offer Name'
  • You will have less code on your site which will allow the funnel to load faster
  • Your Event Tracking will be standardized across all your ad pixels / APIs

Purchase & Upsell Tracking: Server-Side Tracking

ClickFunnels enables you to sell your products, courses, and coaching sessions and collect payments via Stripe, Paypal, and other gateways.

These integrations are running perfectly, and AnyTrack will seamlessly start capturing Purchase and Upsell events through the pre-built Server Side Integration.

Learn about the difference between client and server side tracking

What it means for you:

Once you've added the AnyTrack Webhook URL to your ClickFunnels Settings, every Purchase / Upsell event will be automatically tracked.

  • You don't need to integrate AnyTrack with Stripe or Paypal
  • The Conversion Data is automatically processed and standardized according to the standard AnyTrack parameters and customer data requirements.
  • The Conversion Data is sent in real-time to your Ad platform's Conversion API.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have followed the in-app instructions, the data should flow in/out without friction or latencies. Read through the Checklist and verify you've set everything accordingly.

How do I verify my ClickFunnels is properly integrated?

There are several ways to verify your integration is accurately set up.

In AnyTrack:

  • In the Integration Event Log (learn more), you should see conversions such as purchases and upsells. If the log shows errors, please check this article to understand what should be adjusted.
  • The Conversion Events Screen (this is where all events are being displayed)

In ClickFunnels

  • Open a contact and verify that the Click ID is set. If it's not, double-check that the AnyTrack tag is properly set up.

Will AnyTrack be able to track a custom form on ClickFunnels?

Yes, in most cases. However, this is not something we can guarantee.

Please follow these guidelines to track an embed form.

I see duplicate conversions in Facebook Event Manager.

That's because you have a Facebook event snippet on your funnel, which also fires conversion to Facebook Pixel.

You should remove the Facebook Event snippet. Find out why here.

Conversions are not showing up on AnyTrack, and the event logs show "ok". Why?

Using images as "buttons" does not mark the images as buttons, and therefore they are not treated as such by the tracking tags.

In the image link configuration, you should add the following tag