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First Party Data processing

Learn how AnyTrack leverages your first party data to improve ads delivery, attribution and targeting.

First party data is composed of identifying and anonymous identifiers that are collected on your website by your analytics, marketing software and other tools.


Due to the sensitivity of this data, we highly recommend to get your visitor's consent (cookie notice), and list the various data processors you are currently using on your website.

Recently the industry has started splitting these identifiers as:

First party data:

Anonymous data found in your cookies.

Zero Party data:

Data provided voluntarily by your visitors, prospects or customers. 


To simplify things, we will call this data First Party data, because this is the data that belongs to you, and that can only be matched up with your domain.

How does AnyTrack collects First Party Data

  1. Via AnyTrack TAG - Automatic data collection happens on the browser and sent to the AnyTrack server for further processing.
  2. Via Custom Integration - Additional parameters sent to the AnyTrack tag or via server side integrations (postback or webhook)
  3. Via built-in Integrations - Integrations such as Shopify, WooCommerce or Clickfunnels pass First Party data to AnyTrack's API.

How does AnyTrack processes First Party Data

First party data is encrypted and processed on AnyTrack servers. It is then hashed, normalized and filtered before being sent to your connected ad platforms (Facebook, Google etc..).

Note that each platform has different requirements. Whether in the named parameters or in the hashing protocols required before sending the data.

First Party Data for Facebook Matching parameters

AnyTrack sends your first party data along with your conversion data to the Facebook Conversion API. You can learn more about the Facebook AnyTrack integration here.

First party Data for Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

AnyTrack sends your first party data along with your conversion data to Google Ads API when your conversions have the Enhanced Conversions option.

You can learn more about Google Ads Enhanced Conversions here.

How can you see the First Party Data

While the data is automatically processed and sent to your integrations, you can still see your data across different systems:

  1. In your platforms (shopify etc..)
  2. In the Conversion Event section - alongside the customer conversion timeline
  3. In the Integration Log - for supported integrations.